TITLE: The Grey

RELEASE DATE: 1/27/2012


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Grey, The (2012)*
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  • Jdownsyou

    That stinger is not accurate. He isn't breathing, the wolf is.

  • Thanks for the comment. I haven't been able to see this film yet, but I've read it both ways on numerous reviews and sites. Some say he is breathing, some say the wolf is...some even say both are dead!

  • Sirbradock

    Just walked out of the theater. You see the top of Ottway's head laying on the wolf's body, and then the wolf takes a breath.

  • What we see is the Alpha wolf taking his last breath.

  • Steve

    I think it's a supposed to be similar to earlier In the movie where we see John rest his hand Netherlands wolf he just shot. That's why they showed us the shot wolf breathing for so long.... So we'd remember it when this wolf was shown. He killed it. Now, if he was living or not, that remains to be seen...