TITLE: 21 Jump Street

RELEASE DATE: 3/16/2012


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21 Jump Street (2012)*
4.8 out of 5 votes

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After Credits? No

Special thanks to Robin K. for this submission

  • FSugino

    There are one or two funny snippets during the credits (scenes cut from the flick). Nothing afterwards.

  • Interesting...they must have changed the final release it in the last couple weeks then. I'll update the post to reflect this. Thanks!

  • FSugino

    Well, they just toss a whole bunch of very quick (1-2 second) snippets up there. The one that "jumped" (heh heh) out at me was Channing Tatum humping away at Ellie Kemper (she plays the red-headed teacher who has the hots for him) in a storage closet. The rest were bits that look like they were edited out of scenes from the flick.

  • DirtFaceX

    Fans of the TV show should def stick around till the very end of the movie to hear a 2012 version of the catchy 80's theme song. "JUMP!"