TITLE: The Three Stooges

RELEASE DATE: 4/13/2012


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Three Stooges, The (2012)*

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  • FSugino

    Rught brfore the clising credits there's a safety-related public safety announcement featuring hunky actors playing the Farrelly brothers. Then there's a music video featuring comedy snippets over the credits.

  • Hmm...okay, sounds like there's something to stick around for, I'll mark it as such. Thanks again!

    BTW, how as it? I'm a little scared to go see it. I'm not usually big into these sort of movies. I always like the originals better.

  • FSugino

    I expected the worst going in, but I'll say this: the three actors playing Larry, Curly, and Moe do excellent impressions of the originals. That said, the story blows chunks and there's not a lot of original physical comedy - the whole point of the movie seems to be "how many of the old Three Stooges gags can we recreate here?" Save your $$$ and catch it when it shows up on cable.

  • Ug...okay, thanks a lot!