TITLE: Battleship

RELEASE DATE: 5/18/2012


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Battleship (2012)*
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Special thanks to Dave for this submission

  • This 1 extra piece, other than the going into credits Battleship square board animations that remind of rise of the apes' going into c... was so very much of a fight in my mind for 'did it live up to anything as big as the 2012 generic musical score?' Of course the thing reaked of sequel matter which, like any film, you keep looking for just because its a fun hope toward continuing without the horridly boring stupid character building back story for this movies first 0:45:00 in the next(as so many have failed to do like the Fantastic 4 sequel, etc.
    Back to the end sequence, it starts by mentioning what I thought was Rihanna's(who did splendidly enough to make me think it was Zooey Avatar) mentor Jay-Z quickly in some Redhead-land. The goofy looking fatty who I kept think was the stupid guy from hot fuzz in a little makeup or something, just pissed me off as soon as he showed. Like a new clichè or something from the goofy stupid scifis of 2011+. It didn't do much better as it went either. Obvious Crap with that awful 'Green Hornet' tone of careless/worthless comedy. Then the thing everyone expects, the manster hops out in a rage. A lot if theme &scene ripoffs throughout the movie were okay, especially the Titanic CD tribute looking down the virticle ship half. This ending was more like the other poorer ripoffs from runtime such as the alien holding & looking into a humans eyes instead of killing the human while telling him info about what the aliens are doing just as used in ID4(which wasn't the 1st use.) You could say more homage or poor ripoff, but this ain't TDKR, so who cares. The point is, the end sequence could've used more of the $ than just the quick, cheap relocating of a prop used earlier in a Scot or Ire field(I forget which, but they're the same anyways) & instead used another building blowing up with the protruding ship. Fun flick, that's the point!

    • Okay.