TITLE: Piranha 3DD

RELEASE DATE: 6/1/2012


After the events at Lake Victoria, the pre-historic school of blood-thirsty piranhas make their way into a newly opened waterpark.

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Piranha 3DD (2012)*
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  • FSugino

    Holy crap, there are so many out takes in this flick! There must be 10 minutes worth, at least! In the middle of it all there's a spoof of a TV ad for a show called Fish Hunter starring David Hasselhoff, and yes - you see him running down a beach in slow motion with a trident in his hand.

    Nothing afterwards.

  • Nice! I can't wait to see it!

    • FSugino

      Save your money - this is an insultingly stupid flick. Not even the many frontal nudity shots of big-breasted women is worth the pain of watching a poorly shot, unfunny, poorly acted, and nonsensical story. And the 3D is headache-inducing.

      Save your bucks and go see something else, then walk into a theater showing this when everyone starts coming out.