TITLE: Jurassic Park (aka. Jurassic Park 3D & Jurassic Park: An IMAX 3D Experience)

RELEASE DATE: 6/11/1993


During a preview tour, a theme park suffers a major power breakdown that allows its cloned dinosaur exhibits to run amok.

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Jurassic Park (1993)*
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  • FSugino

    I'm not so sure about the musical stinger. Four notes, but in a different key and tempo - I think tying that with Close Encounters is a bit of a reach.

  • I know it's a weak one, but I listened to it a couple times and I can hear it. Maybe it's wishful thinking? I didn't even know about the notes before reading about it online. IMDb mentions it for one. But, like I said...kinda weak.

  • Shane Wilson

    Having watched the movie a lot and listened the soundtrack to it much more than I watched, I have to agree that you're only hearing what you want to hear.
    It's not a modified theme of Close Encounters.
    We can hear a faster tempo of this theme throughout the film. You can hear it much more lively in some action sequences. When they're escaping a velociraptor through the upper ceiling of the offices, you can prominently hear just seconds before the velociraptor peeks his head through the ceiling.
    Also, Close Encounters is only 5 notes, not 4. To omit one entire note is not "abbreviating".
    The similarity, is just that: a similarity.
    James Horner is known to largely "rip off" his own music for more than a few decades.
    I have to agree with everyone else that is simply not a musical stinger.