TITLE: The Heat

RELEASE DATE: 6/28/2013


Uptight FBI special agent Sarah Ashburn is paired with testy Boston cop Shannon Mullins in order to take down a ruthless drug lord. The hitch: neither woman has ever had a partner — or a friend for that matter.

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Heat, The (2013)*
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  • FSugino

    During the credits, there's an extra scene where Mullins shows up at Ashburn's house with a gift: the orange cat held by Ashburn in the pucture that Mullins saw earlier. After a few awkward moments she realizes it isn't really Ashburn's cat and puts it back into the box for a return trip to New Jersey.

    Also shown are mug shots of the various characters as their names appear during the credits. Through the rest of the credits we see still pictures from the film. The credits end with the picture of Ashburn holding the neighbor's orange cat. Nothing afterwards.

  • Ginger Hostetler

    After the credits there is a paragraph about how many jobs were created making this movie and then one other sentence. over 13000 jobs created. what else does it say?

  • I'm not sure what else it says, but that kind of information is becoming more and more common now. I'm sure it has to do with the state of the economy and trying to help people realize that going out to the theater and watching movies is a good opposed to illegally downloading them.