TITLE: The Wolverine (aka. The Wolverine in 3D)

RELEASE DATE: 7/26/2013


Summoned to Japan by an old acquaintance, Wolverine becomes embroiled in a conflict that forces him to confront his own demons.

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Wolverine, The (2013)*
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  • Mickey

    A little into the credits there is a scene that involves Wolverine at an airport (2 years after what happens in the movie) where the metal detectors start failing, Wolverine turns around and Magneto is there. Magneto tells Wolverine of an enemy that is coming to destroy the mutants by using machines and asks Wolverine to help him in the fight against this enemy. Wolverine declines the offer and asks why he should take it. Then all the police and people in the airport just freeze and Professor X wheels in.

    • Wow, thanks a lot for the details Mickey! Do you mind sharing how you know this? Were you fortunate enough to see an early screening? You don't have to reveal your source if you don't want to though. In any case, thanks again!

      • Mickey

        Hey Chris, yeah I watched an advanced screening is all. No source

        • Okay, cool. They haven't started showing them around me so I wasn't sure if you had some cool inside connection or something! Thanks again for the info!

  • FSugino

    What Mickey said. But as Wolverine stares in disbelief at the sudden appearance of the Professor, Xavier smiles and says "You're not the only one with 'gifts.'"

    Nothing afterwards.

  • Dallas

    Trask industries being in the scene means that the weapon Magneto mentions = sentinals. That should be fun.

  • Tenchewie

    I'm guessing Magneto and Professor X are talking about Apocalypse and the Sentiels

  • If This Movie Happened After The Death Of Professor X, Jean, and Cyclops In X-Men The Last Stand.....Then Tell Me How Professor X Is Still Alive?

    • You might want to check out this link:

      • Thx Chris never seen last stand ending credits... (professor X in the hospital) Still What about cyclops and Jean.

        • I don't remember Cyclops being in this movie??? Also, Jean Gray was just memories/hallucinations I thought.

          • This is what I meant Chris.... Professor X Body got erased by jean and so did cyclops in the last stand...So How Did The Professor come back and if so shouldn't cyclops come back? Jean I guess is just dead so i don't know if she will return. Only way she could come back is if they put bishop or cable to some time traveling. My main question is how did the professor come back?

          • I have no idea, I guess that's the million dollar question! Who knows, after Days of Future Past, everything might be different anyways.

  • anon

    Professor X trasnplanted his mind into the "vegetable" body that was in a scene or two in X:III.