TITLE: The Grandmaster (aka. Yi dai zong shi)

RELEASE DATE: 8/23/2013


The story of martial-arts master Ip Man, the man who trained Bruce Lee.

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Grandmaster, The (2013)*

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  • FSugino

    Nothing during or after the credits, as far as I can tell (most of the credits are in Cantonese).

  • Frank Sugino

    Damn, I have a correction. Just saw the U.S. release again (I saw a preview last weekend), and they put in an extra scene after the start of the credits. Ip Man is first shown resting on a winding stairway. The voice-over talks a bit about kung-fu. Next, a quick series of Ip Man fights is shown. Finally, Ip Man faces the camera and asks "What's your style?"

    Nothing afterwards.

    Sorry for the mix-up. I'll have to ask the first theater what the deal was with the different version being screened.

  • No worries Frank. I know from previous screenings that I've seen they tell you sometimes that it may not be the final version of the film. Thanks for clarifying!