TITLE: Chinese Zodiac

RELEASE DATE: 10/18/2013


A man searches the world for a set of mystic artifacts – 12 bronze heads of the animals from the Chinese zodiac.

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Chinese Zodiac (2012)*
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NOTE: In Memory of Oliver Wong – Production Designer (1952-2012). This film is dedicated to those who had given so much in repatriating lost relics to their rightful homes and, above all, to my mentor, Leonard Ho and my beloved parents, Chan Chi-ping and Chan Lee-lee. I salute you all. – Jackie Chan

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  • Frank Sugino

    The second voice over accompanies a video retrospective of some of Jackie's greatest stunts, featuring clips from many of his movies. The retrospective ends with a badge from the Guinness Book of World Records proclaiming Jackie having done the most stunts ever as an actor.