TITLE: Romeo and Juliet

RELEASE DATE: 10/11/2013


When the star-crossed lovers of two enemy families meet, forbidden love ensues.

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Romeo and Juliet (2013)



During Credits? No

After Credits? No

NOTE: This film is dedicated to the Swarovski Family: Antonio, Karla, Yosef, Karl, Captain Streider, Zack, Jenna, and Jaime, Sara, Kate, and Eli, Dillon, Daniel, and Gabriel.

  • Frank Sugino

    Nothing during or after the credits.

    Here's the dedication (warning: there was a lot to scribble so I'm sure I'm butchering a lot of these names):

    This film is dedicated to the Swarovski Family
    Antonio, Karla, Yosef, Karl
    Captain Streider
    Zack, Jenna, and Jaime
    Sara, Kate, and Eli
    Dillon, Daniel, and Gabriel