RELEASE DATE: 4/4/2014


Shawn, an automotive designer, enjoys an idyllic life with his new wife Jasmine until it is interrupted by a cryptic message.

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Jinn (2014)*
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NOTE: In Loving Memory of Musarrat Zaheer Ahmad, Adam Syed, Aslam Syed, Shahen Riaz Ahmad, and Robert L. Hynous Jr.

  • During the credits. It shows Shawn and his wife and uncle in a kitchen with there new baby boy in a chair. The baby drops his pacifier then when they reach to pick it up the baby uses his powers to pick it up and all three look on in amazement.

  • Frank Sugino

    I got different results from southbark. The baby pacifier scene was the last scene before the credits in my screening.

    During the credits, there was an extra scene with Gabriel and Father Westhoff in the church. They spoke of miracles and Westhoff hands Gabriel a neck chain with the Jewish Star of David, Christian cross, and Islamic moon and star combined into a single piece.

    After the credits, there was a scene with the scraggly haired Jinn hissing out some sort of curse (I couldn't make out the words). Probably a setup for the sequel that was promised in the credits ("The Jinn will return." and "Part of the Exxodus Continuum").

    There were a whole slew of names listed in the In Loving Memory section but I didn't get them. Sorry.

  • Frank Sugino

    I endured the tedious credit sequence again. Here we go:

    In Loving Memory of
    Musarrat Zaheer Ahmad
    Adam Syed
    Aslam Syed
    Shaheen Riaz Ahmad
    James E. Ross
    Robert L. Hynous Jr.

  • Thanks Frank! I'll post both sets of information in the chance that there are multiple prints floating around out there.

  • HoIIowsouI

    "You have forgotten us. Now you shall remember. For once you know of the Jinn, we will know you."

    • Thanks!!!