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Book of Love, The (2016)

Title: The Book of Love
Rating: PG-13
Directed by: Bill Purple
Written by: Robbie Pickering and Bill Purple
Starring: Jason Sudeikis, Maisie Williams, Jessica Biel, Orlando Jones, Paul Reiser and Mary Steenburgen
Release Date: 1/13/2017
Running Time: 106 minutes


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Henry is an introverted architect. After the death of his wife in a car accident, he sets out to help Millie, a homeless teen, to build a raft to sail across the Atlantic.

Are There Any Extras During The Credits? No

Are There Any Extras After The Credits? No

Freaks of Nature (2015)*


Title: Freaks of Nature
Rating: R
Directed by: Robbie Pickering
Written by: Oren Uziel
Starring: Nicholas Braun, Mackenzie Davis, Josh Fadem and Denis Leary
Release Date: 10/30/2015

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In the town of Dillford, humans, vampires and zombies were all living in peace – until the alien apocalypse arrived. Now three teenagers-one human, one vampire, and one zombie-have to team up to figure out how to get rid of the visitors.

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