TITLE: The Simpsons

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Episode 7F24: We hear the Michael Jackson “he-he” sound during the Gracie Films spot.

Episode 8F02: We see the Halloween versions of the credits for the first time. And just into the credits there is a spot for what’s coming up in next week’s Simpsons with Homer and Mr. Burns. And at the very end, there is organ music during the Gracie Films spot.

Episode 8F12: The Simpsons song is playing by a marching band during the credits and a whistle is blown during the Gracie Films spot.

Episode 8F13: There are various scenes from the episode as well as new scenes played during the credits. A Simpsons version of the song “Talkin’ Baseball” is played during the credits also. During the Gracie Films spot we hear the crack of a bat and a crowd cheering.

Episode 8F21: During the Gracie Films spot, the Simpsons theme song is played by a guitar.

Episode 8F23: We see Homer’s sperm being shaken during the first few seconds of the credits.

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