What’s After The Credits is simply a site that you can utilize to quickly find out if a movie, television show, video game, etc. has any special scenes during the credits or post credits (aka Stinger, Egg, Tag, Credit Cookie, Movie Coda, etc.).

We tag our posts with the type of Stinger each film has.  Here is the category key:

  • Audio: There is something that is only auditory played during the credits.
  • Blooper: Usually something funny like a misspoken line or something falling unintentionally.
  • Bonus Scene: A broad term simply meaning an extra scene of some sort.
  • Fourth Wall: When a character from the film directly addresses the audience.
  • Humorous Credit: Funny text intermingled into the credits.
  • Informative: An interesting fact presented during the credits.
  • Musical: There is something musical shown.  Either a song and dance routine or simply a character singing.
  • Outtake: Something that was cut from the original film and wasn’t seen previously.
  • Sequel Setup: When the scene hints at a sequel such as a villain or upcoming conflict.  Also could be text that preludes a sequel.
  • Sunset Credit: When the final scene continues during the credits, such as a cowboy riding off into the sunset behind the credit scroll.

There are many options available to you for contacting us with submissions, questions or comments. You can use email, text or phone.  Our text/voice submission line is: 619-WATC-SUB (619-928-2782).  Or you can click on the Contact button in the Home menu drop-down from above.

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