TITLE: The Simpsons

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Episode 9F21: The Be Sharps continue to sing into the beginning of the credits. Homer then says “I’d like to thank you on behalf of the group. And I hope we passed the audition”. Barney then says “I don’t get it”.

Episode 1F02: There are still shots from the episode as well as extra scenes during the entire credits.

Episode 1F04: The Simpsons song is played in a Halloween-type way during the credits. There is also a scream and organ music during the Gracie Films spot.

Episode 1F03: The Simpsons song is played in a Dragnet style as well as the Spingfield Police badge as the backdrop to the credits.

Episode 1F08: The Simpsons song is played in big band style. During the Gracie Films spot, we hear a slot machine sound and then coins coming out of it.

Episode 1F21: A version of “The Sounds of Silence” plays during the first part of the credits which lead into Grandpa rambling on about Mrs. Bouvier. This continues into the Gracie Films spot. After the “shhh”, Grandpa says “Oops, I’m sorry”.

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