TITLE: The Simpsons

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Episode LABF16: Just into the credits, we see a continuation of the ending scene with Bart and Lisa about to fight inside the ring. Lisa hits Bart one time and he is knocked out.

Episode LABF19: Just into the credits we see Lisa ice skating to the song “Season Of The Witch” by Donovan on the river; which subsequently frees Homer from under the ice.

Episode LABF20: Princess Penelope sings during the Gracie Films spot.

Episode MABF04: There is a scene with the future family of Springfield.

Episode MABF10: During the Gracie Films spot, we hear the Jewish person say “machiam” (sp).

Episode MABF08: We hear Monty Burns sing “Monty Burns’ Blues” during the credits.

Episode MABF09: There are multiple still’s from Homer & Clancy’s adventure’s together.

Episode MABF14: We see drawings of the dad and baby whales that depict the events of their future life. Also during the Gracie Films sport we hear a whale sound.

Episode MABF15: We hear Rupert Murdoch laugh during the Gracie Films spot.

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