TITLE: The Simpsons

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Episode MABF17: We hear a cow “moo” during the Gracie Films spot.

Episode MABF16: We hear a scream and organ music during the Gracie Films spot.

Episode MABF22: First, the cast continues to sing the song “39 Days of Christmas” while the words show on the bottom of the screen under the credits (Twenty-eight coopers cooping, Twenty-seven eelers eeling, Twenty-six anarchists bombing, Twenty-five swamis foreseeing, Twenty-four sideburns curling, Twenty-three monks a-chanting, Twenty-two rats a-plaguing, Twenty-one coxswains calling, Twenty flautists fluting, Nineteen footmen bowing, Eighteen gungas dinning, Seventeen seventy-si-ix, Sixteen midwives birthing, Fifteen alienists aliening, Fourteen jacks a-ripping, Thirteen scriveners scrivening, Twelve lords a-leaping). We then see Moe trying to kiss Katy Perry.

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