TITLE: The Simpsons

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Episode 2F03: The ending song and dance number continues throughout the credits. Organ music and screaming play during the Gracie Films spot.

Episode 2F09: We hear the Stoncutter’s song during the credits. During the Gracie Films spot, we hear the “Shhhh” and then Carl saying “Shut up!”.

Episode 2F13: We hear a didgeridoo during the Gracie Films spot.

Episode 2F15: The Gracie Films jingle is played to a renaissance type sound.

Episode 2F32: The “Jazzman” song duo with Lisa and Bleeding Gums Murphy continues through the credits. Near the end Lisa says “One more time!”. Bleeding Gums replies with “Come on Lisa. I got a date with Billie Holiday!”. Also, the Gracie Films spot is performed with a Saxophone.

Episode 2F16: We hear a gunshot during the Gracie Films spot.

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