TITLE: The Simpsons

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Episode 3F03: For the first few seconds of the credits we see the pig flying through the air. During the rest of the credits we hear the song “Maybe I’m Amazed” playing backwards.

Episode 3F04: As the camera pans up and the credits roll, we see people walking down the sidewalk staring into the Erotic Cakes Shop.

Episode 3F06: We see Homer sitting on the hood of his car and staring up at the stars throughout the credits.

Episode 3F31: We see “hardcore nudity” throughout the credits.

Episode 3F07: We see gameplay footage from Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge.

Episode 3F13: We hear the ballad of Jebediah Springfield during the credits.

Episode 3F15: There is a news report for Troy McClure’s new movie “The Contrabulous Fabtraption Of Professor Horatio Hugnagel”.

Episode 3F17: Marge continues to answer the phone for calls for Bart.

Episode 3F21: We see the grunge crowd dancing.

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