We have some exciting news for superhero fans!  Both The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man have gone viral and are looking for YOU to help!

Head over to thedarkknightrises.com to help unlock trailer #3.  You can see snippets of the new trailer that other fans have unlocked by going to tdkr07202012.com.  Once there, you can scroll through still images of the trailer that other fans have revealed.  

Also, plan on getting to the theater early when you go see The Avengers; word has it that there will be a new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises shown!










Once you’ve done your part helping Gotham City, head over to webbedmenace.com to participate in the hunt for Spider-Man.  There you can upload images of Spider-Man that you have captured.   Also be sure to check out parkerspov.com for more Spider-Man goodies.