Please support our Kickstarter campaign to raise funds so that we can have a mobile app developed. This is something that has been asked of me many times in the past. I am really hoping that we can blow away the goal and have a really spectacular app!

You can find the project here and below is the text from the project page. Scroll below for a list of backers which will also be displayed on other pages in the near future.


“What do you mean Professor X is alive? He died in X-Men: The Last Stand!”

History of the Site

I started back in 2009 after seeing the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie. I had read about a scene after the credits so I stayed and saw the one with Deadpool. So the next weekend I saw it with a friend who is a Deadpool fan, so I told him that we needed to stick around for the bonus scene. Well, we stayed, but it was the one with Wolverine in the bar!

After that, I did some more research and found some sites that talked about one version and some that talked about the other and some that talked about both. I quickly realized that there wasn’t a good site out there that cataloged this sort of thing. So I took it upon myself to start my own!

It started out as a Wiki site at and had modest success. After a couple years I was getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of extra things that I couldn’t do on that platform so I changed the site to the WordPress format and shortened the name a bit to make it a little easier to remember and type.

Since then I have made tweaks here and there, adding more and more features (Mega Posts for trailers, interviews, stills, etc. and interactive polls such as if paying extra for 3D or IMAX was worth it) and trying to make it more mobile friendly.

The site has had a steady increase in popularity. Just 6 months ago having about 100k visitors a month and it has increased now to over 200k! It even hit 250k when Godzilla and X-Men: Days of Future Past were showing in theaters. 85% of my traffic is from mobile devices, showing a definite need for better mobile presentation and interaction.

Why I’m Doing This

As I stated previously the site is mostly mobile friendly, but I have been asked many times for a mobile phone app. Unfortunately, the site is basically a one man operation, me, and doesn’t generate very much income (~$10/month). Most of the expenses come out of my own pocket.

So that brings me to here. I could really use some help getting this completed. App development cost are high and very time consuming. I simply don’t have the resources anymore to make it happen.

About the App

The app will be used to check if a movie you are about to see has any bonus scenes that are shown either during or after the credits. Think X-Men: Days of Future Past or The Avengers. This will help you save time by not sticking around if there is in fact nothing. But it will also help you to not miss any important extra scenes that might not be apparent.

If by chance we don’t have information on a particular movie, you will also have the opportunity to submit the information to us so that others will know.

The app will also be able to access our “Mega Posts” which contain stills, posters, trailers, interviews, etc. for upcoming movies. It will also present our polling data for 3D or IMAX movies so that you can make a more informed decision on if it’s worth the extra cost to see it in those formats; as well as the ability to vote your thoughts on their worthiness.

I will be focusing on iPhone/iOS and Android to start and if I have enough funds will also make Windows and Blackberry phone versions.

Where will your donation go?

Every penny donated will go to the app development process. I will not be developing this myself however as I don’t have the know-how to do so. I have reached out to a number of developers and have received some quotes and that is how I came up with the minimum fundraising goal. App developers are expensive, so naturally, the more money that I can raise, the better and more feature rich the app will be.

After the funding is complete and the goal is achieved, I expect to have an app within a couple months after obtaining full funding. This would also be dependent on the developers availability and also barring any unforeseen development issues.

If the goal is not raised however, the app simply will not get made until I can personally save up enough for the development costs. This could take months or even years to be honest. Let’s all just hope that does not happen.

Thank you for taking time to look at this fundraiser and I hope you can help!

How will this app compare to others?

I have been asked to explain why this app would be different than any of the others that are out there.  I have made this handy comparison chart to show my hopes for this app.  As noted some of the items will depend on funding, but even without that, you can see it will be a very feature rich application!



  • $1+ = You will get a very heartfelt and sincere email thank you from me, Chris, the creator/operator/webmaster/etc. of What’s After The Credits!
  • $5+ = Same as above plus your name in a special recognition area of the website as well as a link to your website if you have one. *Only tasteful websites please.
  • $10+ = Same as above plus, you will get the ad-free version of this app once completed.
  • $25+ = Same as above plus an After Credits shot glass. (
  • $60+ = Same as above plus an official After Credits t-shirt. ( or
  • $250+ = Same as above plus dinner and a movie with me at the Studio Movie Grill located in Wheaton, IL (close to the Chicago area) for a movie of your choosing! (

Depending on how this project goes, I may or may not add more rewards.


  • Jim Lewis
  • Karen Ogurek Ramey
  • Frank Sugino
  • Kai
  • Nancie K
  • Andrew E Schwab
  • Stephen Bertagnolli
  • Eduardo C. Alvarado
  • Dave Marshall
  • Jimmy Morley
  • Daniel Henson
  • Dean
  • twhite7481
  • Elton Nix
  • Judy Yen
  • Lionel Tyler Masid
  • Alwyn Roberts
  • Elizabeth Newman
  • Shibo Fang
  • Verena Viering
  • Jesse Garrison
  • Chris Beard
  • Dean Nicolson
  • Tim van den Berg
  • Sam Marsh
  • Travis Combs
  • Michael Barker
  • Jonathan Simon
  • Guy Eilam
  • Ty Eblen
  • Roman Falkenberg
  • John Skotnik
  • Darren Caulley
  • John Skoglund

Thank you everyone who supported this project!  Whether you pledged money, shared it or just sent an email in support, it is very much appreciated.  It’s unfortunate that it did not get funded.  But rest assured, I’m not giving up on the app!  It will take longer…probably much longer, but it will happen!