You hear the engines roar before you see them coming. A group of headlights pierce through the dark night as a gang of men on motorcycles races toward you. Faithful followers of the FX show “Sons of Anarchy” are more than familiar with this scene. Sex, drugs, violence, betrayal and drama have been the winning combination for SOA for the past six years. And with “Sons of Anarchy” returning Sept. 9 for its highly anticipated final season, there’s still time for one last ride.

The Rise of SOA’s Leading Characters

The show centers around the SOA Motorcycle Club; A club rife with drama between rival gangs, illegal activities and twisted familial relationships. Jax Teller is the key protagonist of this rowdy and wild Kurt Sutter creation. Jax is a fan favorite who is often found struggling between following the right path or the dark one. Along with Jax, Sutter has created an entire cast of characters audiences are naturally drawn to. There are heroes and villains, with new characters each season to add a new layer to the mix. We root for Jax, feel sympathy for Tara and hope for the demise of anybody getting in Jax’s way.

The Real Stars of the Show

But the show is about the motorcycle club, and the motorcycles themselves are their own characters. The men are always seen riding or fixing their bikes. The characters care about their bikes; it’s sacrilegious to mess with another man’s bike, and doing so is a punishable offense. Prominently featured in chase scenes and rides, these bikes are representative of strength, power and masculinity. Actor Charlie Hunnam (Jax) even rides a motorcycle in his everyday life. SOA is creating an image and persona associated with motorcycles that fans want to be a part of.

A Growing Motorcycle Community

“Sons of Anarchy” continues to get people talking about and riding motorcycles. Shining a light on a lesser-known community, the show has helped motorcycles gain popularity with even the mainstream. Fan websites have pages dedicated to the motorcycles on the show. “Sons of Anarchy” is so popular, FX made a deal with Harley-Davidson to create limited edition motorcycles inspired by the show. Not ready for a life-size bike? You can even get die-cast models of the motorcycles ridden by Jax, Opie, Clay and JT.

Motorcycle sales and registrations have increased 75 percent overall in the past 10 years, according to the US Department of Transportation. More and more people are trading in their four doors for quicker, more fuel efficient motorcycles. But, not all of us can be in hardcore biker gangs like the boys of SOA. If you’re interested in learning more about the biker lifestyle, visit Bike Bandit’s online community page. There you can learn about different models and brands, safety tips, proper motorcycle maintenance and you can even see what other people are doing with their motorcycles. It’s a great resource for riders and biker fans alike.

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