One of the main reasons for a film being a cinematic success or a resounding flop is the way the characters are seen on screen. Whether the actors are portraying fictional or non-fictional figures from one of the most important historical eras, ensuring all the finer details are covered will make the character a triumph. One of the more popular traits throughout history is gambling, with on-screen figures from a whole host of time periods seen to be throwing around the stakes.

So you can gauge an idea of what sort of character you’d be, here are some of the most famous on-screen figures from true gambling eras.

The Cowboy – Bret Maverick (Maverick, 1994)

Based on the 1950s’ television series, Maverick brings out the best of gambling in the Wild West. Brett Maverick, played by Mel Gibson, is a card playing con artist who needs $3000 to enter into a high stakes poker game. Cheating was rife in the Cowboy era, with nearly every card game ending with someone trying to bend the rules and the outcome. The final game in the film is littered with fixed hands, but when Maverick wins with an unbeatable flush, the ill-tempered Angel attempts to kill him. The Wild West brought with it its own morals – the rules were that there weren’t any rules – and Bret nearly faced the consequences by getting gunned down by one of his unhappy opponents.


The Bootlegger – Antonio Camonte (Scarface, 1932)

Although most people will be more familiar with the Al Pacino version of Scarface, the mob boss first hit the silver screen back in 1932. The film follows the life and times of the leader himself, Antonio “Tony” Camonte, highlighting the corruption and illegal activities which ran riot during the Prohibition era in Chicago. In true Bootlegger style, Camonte has a no-holds barred attitude and isn’t afraid to show his true emotions, seen in his famous quote “This fellow’s got ideas I don’t like”. Tony will do anything to ensure he is victorious in the gang wars, ranging from playing off the police to keep their distance, to killing his enemies just so he remains number one and victorious.


The Player – Phil (The Hangover, 2009)

With a trilogy of films now under its belt, The Hangover series is regarded as one of the funniest sagas in modern day cinema. Phil shows all the characteristics and traits of the Player – being so cool and sophisticated that Alan is desperate to be just like him! As they continue to try find the groom-to-be Doug, the men are forced to the blackjack table in an attempt to raise $80,000 so they can get their friend back. Although Alan takes to the table in the style of The Rainman, Phil is his calm and composed right hand man, helping him win all the cash they needed. Yet when Phil finds out that Mr Chow has in fact got the wrong Doug, he shows the traits seen in a Bootleggers as he completely loses his tempter!

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