Title: Phantom Thread
Rating: R
Directed by: Paul Thomas Anderson
Written by: Paul Thomas Anderson
Starring: Daniel Day-­Lewis, Lesley Manville, and Vicky Krieps
Release Date: 1/19/2018
Running Time: 130 minutes

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Set in the glamour of 1950’s post-­war London, renowned dressmaker Reynolds Woodcock (Daniel Day-­Lewis) and his sister Cyril (Lesley Manville) are at the center of British fashion, dressing royalty, movie stars, heiresses, socialites, debutants and dames with the distinct style of The House of Woodcock. Women come and go through Woodcock’s life, providing the confirmed bachelor with inspiration and companionship, until he comes across a young, strong-­willed woman, Alma (Vicky Krieps), who soon becomes a fixture in his life as his muse and lover. Once controlled and planned, he finds his carefully tailored life disrupted by love.

Are There Any Extras During The Credits? No

Are There Any Extras After The Credits? No

Note: The credits start over a scene where Reynolds and Alma are working on a dress together.

Dedication: For Jonathan Demme