Title: Gully
Rating: R
Directed by: Nabil Elderkin
Written by: Marcus J. Guillory
Starring: Terrence Howard, Amber Heard, Kelvin Harrison Jr., Charlie Plummer, Jacob Latimore, Jonathan Majors, John Corbett, and Robin Givens
Release Date: 6/4/2021
Running Time: 81 minutes

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Gully follows the lives of three teens living in LA, all victims of extreme childhoods. We follow them over the course of 48 hours, as they wreak a hedonistic riot across the city, unbound by societal norms, they take us on a rip-roaring ride of drugs and murder across Los Angeles.

Are There Any Extras During The Credits? No

Are There Any Extras After The Credits? No

Note: The credits play over a slow zoom-out of a painting of Jesse and others from the movie.