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Start the Countdown: How to Prep for the Oscars

It’s awards season, and the 85th Academy Awards are right around the corner. This annual red-carpet event and glamorous ceremony is where Hollywood’s best of the best gather and honor excellent work. For these stars, winning, even being nominated, is like being recognized as the best in acting school, only times a thousand.

Let the countdown begin! Share your excitement and prep for the big night by:

Downloading the Official Oscars App

Leading up to the day when the biggest stars walk the red carpet, you’ll get updates on everything Oscar-related, from hosted videos with your favorite actor to specials on red-carpet fashion. If the thought of “Les Misrables” winning Best Picture makes your heart race or you’re Jennifer Lawrence’s biggest fan, then you’re a die-hard Oscars fanatic. The Official Oscars app will be your digital gateway to access all that Hollywood has to offer. Get hyped for the Oscars and re-watch all the movie trailers and exclusive videos.

This app will also be your premier backstage pass on Oscar Sunday for accessing memorable moments and getting up-close-and-personal with nominees and the hottest celebrities. Watch on your iPad as winners share appreciation in the “Thank You” cam or express their gratitude in the Press Room cam. During Oscar Sunday, you can go into awards overload as you watch the live broadcast, catch highlights of winners backstage in the Dolby Theater and see what celebrities have to say while mingling on the red carpet.

Subscribing to the Oscar Blog

The Official Blog of the 85th Academy Awards is the premier spot for all the buzzed-about Oscar excitement. Gather interesting facts about winning actors and films and invite your friends over for a fun trivia night.

Quiz your friends and family on their Academy Awards knowledge by asking fun “did you know” facts such as:

  • Who won the Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role for “American Beauty” in 2000? (Kevin Spacey)
  • True or False: Rooney Mara won Best Actress for her portrayal as Lisbeth Salander in “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.” (False)
  • Steven Spielberg won the Best Director Oscar at the 71st Academy Awards in 1999 for what movie? A. “Catch Me If You Can” B. “Saving Private Ryan” C. “Schindler’s List” D. “Munich” (“Saving Private Ryan”)
  • For what movie did Academy Award-winning Reese Witherspoon learn how to sing and play an instrument? (“Walk The Line”)
  • Which of the following films was not nominated for Best Picture in 2012? “The Descendants,” “Midnight in Paris,” “The Iron Lady,” “The Help” or “War Horse.” (“The Iron Lady”)

You can also ask your guests to fill out an Oscar ballot and discuss why Hugh Jackman will win Best Actor in a Leading Role for “Les Misrables” without any doubt or why “Brave” was so much better than “Frankenweenie.”

Making Predictions

Who are your top picks? Is “Zero Dark Thirty” or “Silver Linings Playbook” deserving of the big win? Visit to make your winning predictions on an online ballot and share your picks with your Facebook friends. Participating friends can make their predictions too and see who scores the highest during awards night. First you’ll need to log in to Facebook and invite your friends to play.

Guest article by: Henry Watkins

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