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Remaining, The (2014)

Title: The Remaining
Rating: PG-13
Directed by: Casey La Scala
Written by: Casey La Scala and Chris Dowling
Starring: Johnny Pacar, Shaun Sipos, Bryan Dechart, Alexa PenaVega, Italia Ricci and Liz E. Morgan
Release Date: 9/24/2014
Running Time: 88 minutes

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A group of close friends gather for a wedding, but the celebration is shattered by a series of cataclysmic events and enemies foretold by biblical end-times prophecies. The survivors face a horrifying, uncertain future as they scramble for safety, but as their world collapses around them in chaos and terror will they choose real life through faith, or just try to survive?

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Do You Believe? (2015)


Title: Do You Believe?
Rating: PG-13
Director: Jon Gunn
Writer: Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon
Stars: Mira Sorvino, Sean Astin and Alexa PenaVega
Release Date: 3/20/2015
Running Time: 115 minutes

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When a pastor is shaken by the visible faith of a street-corner preacher, he is reminded that true belief always requires action. His response ignites a journey that impacts everyone it touches in ways that only God could orchestrate.

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