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1979’s ‘Alien’ Continues to be Relevant Decades Later

Alien isn’t one of those films that people still quote lines from in normal conversations. The special effects don’t come close to rivaling those created with today’s technology, and there are a few glaring editorial mistakes throughout the picture with actor position and dialogue.

And yet, 35 years after its release, the film consistently garners headlines by regularly launching new related projects for all forms of entertainment. These include everything from films and games to theme park rides—an avenue usually reserved for newer franchises. While it’s not uncommon for a successful film to expand their profit through different merchandising strategies, the fact that Alien can still warrant the same amount of attention 35 years later is nothing short of impressive. It’s the success of these subsequent projects that serves as a true testimony to just how much the film was, and still is, obsessively loved by fans.


Even though it was just released at the end of October, Alien the Archive: The Ultimate Guide to the Classic Movies quickly claimed a best-seller spot in Amazon‘s “Computer Graphic Design” category.

The book celebrates the process of making of the original film as well as the three sequels by highlighting the exhaustive processes that helped make the films into the box office hits. This includes the creation of storyboards, behind-the-scenes imagery, and costume, weapon, and set designs. They also include printed interviews with director Ridley Scott and cast and crew members to give readers perspective on what working on the film was really like.


In the most recent development for the franchise, Betfair has released a new game featuring the iconic extraterrestrials in the form of a video slot. While matching the animated aliens can lead to big riches, some commenters said that they were too scared to play it, claiming the aliens in the game gave them the same unsettling feeling the ones in the movie did. Obviously, it’s not too much for the majority of people. Even though the site released several new titles around the same time, they certainly know the popularity attached to this particular game. If you visit the site, it will likely be the most prominently displayed option with banners celebrating its release.

Other gaming companies have put out projects related to the films as well. Just released a few weeks ago, console game Alien: Isolation was designed as a direct sequel to the original film. The first-person survival/horror/stealth game has received extremely positive accolades from players and reviewers alike who say it pays homage to the intensity of the film. The Telegraph gave it a 4.5/5 star rating, calling it “a stressful, bold and brilliant interpretation of sci-fi’s most terrifying monster.”



Unfortunately, the majority of theme park rides based on films come from new franchises. That means that those of us who grew up in the ’70s and ’80s have seen the rides we loved as kids demolished and replaced with ones that fit the new generation’s trends. Although we’ve said goodbye to rides for Back to the Future, Jaws, and King Kong, those looking to get that “in the movie” experience can look forward to an Alien ride in 2016—if you’re willing to travel to Asia that is.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, 20th Century Fox’s new theme park will feature an Alien-themed ride when it opens its gates in Malaysia in two years. It’s still unclear exactly how the movie will be implemented into the ride’s design, but given that it’s the film studio’s first park, they’ll probably be looking to impress patrons by giving them a one-of-a-kind experience.

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