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Six Minutes to Midnight (2020)

Title: Six Minutes to Midnight
Rating: PG-13
Directed by: Andy Goddard
Written by: Eddie Izzard, Celyn Jones, and Andy Goddard
Starring: Eddie Izzard, Judi Dench, Carla Juri, James D’Arcy, Jim Broadbent, and Celyn Jones
Release Date: 3/26/2021
Running Time: 99 minutes

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In the summer of 1939, influential families in Nazi Germany have sent their daughters to a finishing school in an English seaside town to learn the language and be ambassadors for a future looking National Socialist. A teacher there sees what is coming and is trying to raise the alarm. But the authorities believe he is the problem.

Are There Any Extras During The Credits? No

Are There Any Extras After The Credits? No

Kind of Murder, A (2016)?

Title: A Kind of Murder
Rating: R
Directed by: Andy Goddard
Written by: Susan Boyd
Based on the novel by: Patricia Highsmith
Starring: Patrick Wilson, Jessica Biel, Vincent Kartheiser, Haley Bennett and Eddie Marsan
Release Date: 12/16/2016
Running Time: 95 minutes

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In 1960s New York, Walter Stackhouse is a successful architect married to the beautiful Clara who leads a seemingly perfect life. But his fascination with an unsolved murder leads him into a spiral of chaos as he is forced to play cat-and-mouse with a clever killer and an overambitious detective, while at the same time lusting after another woman.

Are There Any Extras During The Credits? Unknown


Are There Any Extras After The Credits? Unknown

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Set Fire to the Stars (2014)


Title: Set Fire to the Stars
Rating: NR
Director: Andy Goddard
Writer: Andy Goddard and Celyn Jones
Stars: Elijah Wood, Celyn Jones and Kelly Reilly
Release Date: 11/7/2014
Running Time: 97 minutes

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An aspiring poet in 1950s New York has his ordered world shaken when he embarks on a week-long retreat to save his hell raising hero, Dylan Thomas.

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During Credits? No

After Credits? No

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