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Satanic (2016)?


Title: Satanic
Rating: R
Directed by: Jeffrey G. Hunt
Written by: Anthony Jaswinski
Starring: Sarah Hyland, Steven Krueger and Justin Chon
Release Date: 7/1/2016
Running Time: 85 minutes

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SATANIC follows a van full of young, college-aged coeds who are visiting old Satanic Panic-era sites in Los Angeles. They end up following the creepy owner of an occult store home, only to find themselves saving a suspicious girl from an apparent human sacrifice. Only this “victim” turns out to be much more dangerous than the cult from which she escaped.

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Shallows, The (2016)


Title: The Shallows
Rating: PG-13
Directed by: Jaume Collet-Serra
Written by: Anthony Jaswinski
Starring: Blake Lively, Óscar Jaenada and Brett Cullen
Release Date: 6/24/2016
Running Time: 87 minutes

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In the taut thriller The Shallows, when Nancy (Blake Lively) is surfing on a secluded beach, she finds herself on the feeding ground of a great white shark. Millions of years of evolution have led the shark to do one thing: survive. Though she is stranded only 200 yards from shore, getting there proves the ultimate test of wills.

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