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Dead Center, The (2018)

Title: The Dead Center
Rating: NR
Directed by: Billy Senese
Written by: Billy Senese
Starring: Shane Carruth, Poorna Jagannathan, and Jeremy Childs
Release Date: 10/11/2019
Running Time: 92 minutes


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When a very dead suicide victim (Jeremy Childs) disappears from the morgue, it sets in motion a chain of events that has the power to immolate everything, and everyone, it touches.

Troubled psychiatrist Daniel Forrester (Shane Carruth) is drawn to help a mysterious patient who is brought to the emergency psych ward in a catatonic state with no memory of how he reached the hospital. As if to exorcise his own demons, the doctor feverishly tries to break through to his mysterious patient. But as a spate of mysterious deaths shake the ward to its core, Forrester comes to suspect that there is more to his new ward than meets the eye. As he comes to realise what he’s unleashed, a desperate race against the forces of evil threatens to swallow him whole.

Are There Any Extras During The Credits? No

Are There Any Extras After The Credits? No

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