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The Cars of Shows: Feasible for the Average Joe? Yup!

You’ve seen those incredible cars in TV shows and probably thought to yourself, “I’d love to drive one.” Well, don’t let reality dash your silver screen daydreams, because many cars we see on the screen can sit right in your driveway and the price might surprise you.

Knight Rider Rides Again

You remember the awesome custom-built 1982 Pontiac Trans Am in Knight Rider? Well, the car is over 20 years old, so technically it’s an antique. Kelley Blue Book didn’t have a value for it online, but NADA quotes a price between $5,013 and $7,928 with the 305 V8 engine. It’s tough to find one in shape enough to drive, but if you do, you’ll be driving a legend. Even though “KITT” Knight Rider’s car was highly customized, you’ll still get a kick out of driving his vehicle.

Want something newer? The 2001 Pontiac Firebird GT model has a suggested retail price of just $6,005. Looks cooler than KITT, and has a 3.8 liter V6 engine that produces about 205 horsepower, according to Kelly Blue Book.

Even more manly is the newest incarnation of Knight Rider, launched in 2008, where KITT is a suped-up Ford Shelby GT500. The newest 2014 Shelbys from Ford feature a 5.8 liter V6 engine with a pulse-pounding 662 horsepower, and a track speed of 200 mph. Even though it’s not as classy, and perhaps less technologically advanced in terms of driving performance, it’s even more horsepower than the BMW M series featured in James Bond movies. That car still fetches an impressive 560 horsepower, however, according to

Challenge the Establishment

The Dodge Challenger is the perfect vehicle for a man who challenges society’s norms and pushes all limits. After all, it’s featured in the acclaimed TV series, Breaking Bad. This vehicle is still within reach, even if you don’t do any moonlighting as a trailer park drug lord. A used but in good-condition Challenger will cost $28,375. That’s with leather seats, the V8 engine, and a nice Boston Acoustics stereo system to crank your tunes, as NadaGuides points out. The R/T model with the V8 engine will run you $23,550.

It’s a cool car and a way to stick it to the man. You can even feel confident out running from the cops, or angry dealers with a 425 horsepower engine.

Enlist the General Lee

The most famous car on TV is probably the General Lee, a hemi-charged, exhaust roaring 1969 Dodge Charger, complete with the “stars and bars” on the roof. You might find an original General Lee up for auction, and if you have deep enough pockets it can be yours. One Charger that was recently restored fetched $121,000 at a Barrett-Jackson auto auction, according to Autoblog.

The total price for a pristine 1969 Dodge Charger complete with a 440/375 horsepower V8, will cost around $94,125 according to NADA. You can drive off in a newer Dodge Charge starting at $26,295. It still pushes 300 horses but you get 31 mpg.

Guest article by: Todd Bigelow

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