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Donald Cried (2016)?

Title: Donald Cried
Rating: NR
Directed by: Kris Avedisian
Written by: Kris Avedisian
Starring: Jesse Wakeman, Louisa Krause and Tyrone Alcorn
Release Date: 3/12/2016
Running Time: 85 minutes

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Peter Latang (Jesse Wakeman) left his childhood home of Warwick, Rhode Island to reinvent himself as a slick, Wall Street mover and shaker. When he’s suddenly forced to return home to bury his grandmother, he loses his wallet on the trip and ends up at looseends. Stranded and broke, Peter looks to the only person he can think of to help him out- his next door neighbor and former childhood friend Donald (played by Avedisian). The ever-eccentric Donald hasn’t changed a bit, and what starts as a simple favor turns into along and unhinged van ride into their past. Painfully awkward moments and increasingly bizarre – and dangerous – hijinks ensue, as the friends rediscover their stifled aggression and teenaged rebelliousness.

Are There Any Extras During The Credits? Unknown


Are There Any Extras After The Credits? Unknown

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