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Primal (2019)

Title: Primal
Rating: R
Directed by: Nick Powell
Written by: Richard Leder
Starring: Nicolas Cage, Famke Janssen, Kevin Durand, LaMonica Garrett, and Michael Imperioli
Release Date: 11/8/2019
Running Time: 97 minutes


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Frank’s caught wildlife in the Brazilian jungle incl. a 400 lbs. white jaguar. He ships it on the same ship as an arrested assassin. The assassin breaks free and frees the animals.

Are There Any Extras During The Credits? No

Are There Any Extras After The Credits? No

Special thanks to Gabe for this submission

Wannabe, The (2015)


Title: The Wannabe
Rating: R
Directed by: Nick Sandow
Written by: Nick Sandow
Starring: Patricia Arquette, Michael Imperioli, David Zayas and Vincent Piazza
Release Date: 12/4/2015
Running Time: 90 minutes


Obsessed with mob culture, and desperate to fit in, Thomas sets out to fix the 1992 trial of John Gotti. He believes if the plan is executed, it will put him at the center of all that he idolizes. The plot is foiled, setting off events worthy of mob lore. The Wannabe intertwines real people and true events, past and present, with fantasy.

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During Credits? No

After Credits? No

Special thanks to Frank S. for this submission

Cantinflas (2014)*


TITLE: Cantinflas

RELEASE DATE: 8/29/2014


The untold story of Mexico’s greatest and most beloved comedy film star of all time, from his humble origins on the small stage to the bright lights of Hollywood.

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After Credits? No

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