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Blithe Spirit (2020)*

Title: Blithe Spirit
Rating: PG-13
Directed by: Edward Hall
Written by: Piers Ashworth, Meg Leonard, and Nick Moorcroft
Based on the play by: Noël Coward
Starring: Dan Stevens, Leslie Mann, Isla Fisher, and Judi Dench
Release Date: 2/19/2021
Running Time: 95 minutes

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Best-selling crime novelist Charles (Dan Stevens) suffers from terrible writer’s block and is struggling to finish his first screenplay. His picture-perfect new wife Ruth (Isla Fisher) is doing her best to keep him focused so they can fulfill her dream of leaving London for Hollywood. Charles’ quest for inspiration leads him to invite the eccentric mystic Madame Acarti (Judi Dench) to perform a séance in his home. He gets more than he bargained for when Madame Acarti inadvertently summons the spirit of his first wife: the brilliant and fiery Elvira (Leslie Mann). Ready to pick up her life right where she left off, Elvira is shocked to discover the prim and proper Ruth is now married to her husband and running her household. Charles finds himself stuck between his two wives and their increasingly over-the-top attempts to outdo one another.

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Memoriam: In Loving Memory of
Michelle Guish and Michael Howells

Italian Job, The (1969)

TITLE: The Italian Job

RELEASE DATE: 9/3/1969


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