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Rage (2014)*


Title: Rage (aka. Tokarev)
Rating: NR
Directed by: Paco Cabezas
Written by: Jim Agnew and Sean Keller
Starring: Nicolas Cage, Rachel Nichols, Max Ryan, Danny Glover and Aubrey Peeples
Release Date: 5/9/2014
Running Time: 92 minutes


PAUL MAGUIRE (Nicolas Cage) is by all accounts, a decent man. A contractor by trade, he is a pillar of his community, and a family man. His wife VANESSA (Rachel Nichols) and his daughter CAITLIN (Aubrey Peeples) adore him. But it wasn’t always this way. Paul is actually a reformed criminal who still keeps in touch with his old associates, especially KANE (Max Ryan) and DOHERTY (Michael McGrady).

One night Paul and Vanessa go out to dinner with some friends, leaving Caitlin at home with her friends Mike (Max Fowler) and Evan (Jack Falahee). In the middle of their dinner, DETECTIVE ST. JOHN (Danny Glover) enters the restaurant and tells him that something has happened to Caitlin.

Evan and Nick tell the police and Paul that they were watching TV with Caitlin, when several Russian men barged in and took her. They fought – but the Russians overtook Mike and Evan. Eventually, Caitlin turns up dead, and Paul’s world collapses all around him. Several years earlier, before Caitlin was born, Paul and his buddies robbed a Russian gangster and stole millions of dollars. Paul used the money to go legit and believed they had gotten away with the robbery — until now. Convinced the kidnapping is long-overdue retaliation for the crimes of his youth, Paul ignores the police and mounts his own investigation, against the wishes of his old crime boss FRANK O’CONNELL (Peter Stormare)

Paul and his buddies shake down and rough up anyone they can find who might be connected to CHERNOV (Pasha D. Lychnikoff), the legendary mob boss whose money they stole seventeen years earlier. O’Connell pleads with Paul to stop his rampage, but he refuses. Vanessa, who initially backed her husband’s search, now fears he’s becoming the killer he once was. But there exists another possibility: perhaps he has always been a violent man and can never truly leave that life behind.

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Memoriam: In Memory Of Jose Rionda Del Castro, John T. Eberle, Josephine Mignone, Jules Flory, Amalia Reyes Hernandez, Georgy Fodor, David Coloris and Paul Valance.

Mr. Right (2015)*

Title: Mr. Right
Rating: R
Directed by: Paco Cabezas
Written by: Max Landis
Starring: Anna Kendrick, Sam Rockwell and Tim Roth
Release Date: 4/8/2016
Running Time: 90 minutes

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Hyperactive at the best of times, Martha (Anna Kendrick; Pitch Perfect) has gone full-on manic since her latest breakup. She babbles, parties like a monster, cooks everything in sight — and is looking to do something terrible when she meets Francis (Sam Rockwell; The Way Way Back). To anyone else, Francis’s approach would come across as creepy, but Martha can’t help but be intrigued. They seem a perfect match: she’s bananas, he’s bananas… except he’s a deadly sort of bananas. He’s a professional assassin.

Francis is a hitman with a cause: he unexpectedly kills the people ordering the hits. Just as Martha begins to realize her new beau wasn’t joking when he said he had to step out for a moment to shoot someone, things start heating up for Francis. His services are solicited by a dubious client who’s being sought by an equally dubious FBI agent (Tim Roth; The Hateful Eight, Reservoir Dogs). As the bodies pile up, Martha needs to decide whether to flee or join in the mayhem.

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