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A la mala (2015)*


Title: A la mala
Rating: NR
Director: Pedro Pablo Ibarra
Writer: Issa López and Ari Rosen
Stars: Aislinn Derbez, Mauricio Ochmann and Papile Aurora
Release Date: 2/27/2015
Running Time: 99 minutes

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When aspiring actress Maria Laura’s best friend begs her to flirt with her boyfriend to test his fidelity, Maria finds a lucrative new career. After being hired by women across the city, Maria is given a gig that should be business as usual until she ends up falling head over heels for her latest mark.

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Dedication: To my mother Toto. Thanks for your beautiful guidance and for always being the light in my life. – PPY

Pulling Strings (2013)


TITLE: Pulling Strings

RELEASE DATE: 10/4/2013


After a night of drinking, Rachel, a diplomat working in Mexico City finds her world turned upside down after she’s saved by Alejandro, a Mariachi singer whose visa was rejected the day before – by Rachel.

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NOTE: To Palmira, Andrea and Renata, Love you all. To Ross, my sister. – Pitipol Thanks Bertha Zimbron, for she showed me to enjoy music. And to Rebecca and Leo, for being the rythm of my life. – LZ

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