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Tumbledown (2015)


Title: Tumbledown
Rating: NR
Directed by: Sean Mewshaw
Written by: Sean Mewshaw, Desiree Van Til and Desi van Til
Starring: Rebecca Hall, Jason Sudeikis and Blythe Danner
Release Date: 2/5/2016
Running Time: 105 minutes

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Pop culture scholar Andrew (Jason Sudeikis) comes to Maine to interview Hannah (Rebecca Hall), the protective widow of an acclaimed singer. When the unlikely pair strike a deal to co-write a biography, Andrew finds himself clashing with a cast of locals, including Hannah’s hunky suitor (Joe Manganiello), and her loving but defensive parents (Blythe Danner, Richard Masur). When Hannah and Andrew’s stormy partnership blossoms into an unexpected connection, they face the possibility that the next chapter in their lives may involve each other. Dianna Agron and Griffin Dunne costar in this startlingly funny and sweetly romantic tale of moving on and finding love in the unlikeliest of places.

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