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Ron’s Gone Wrong (2021)*

Title: Ron’s Gone Wrong
Rating: PG
Directed by: Sarah Smith, Jean-Philippe Vine, and Octavio E. Rodriguez
Written by: Peter Baynham and Sarah Smith
Starring: Zach Galifianakis, Jack Dylan Grazer, Olivia Colman, Ed Helms, Justice Smith, Rob Delaney, Kylie Cantrall, Ricardo Hurtado, Marcus Scribner, and Thomas Barbusca
Release Date: 10/22/2021
Running Time: 106 minutes

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The story of Barney, a socially awkward middle-schooler and Ron, his new walking, talking, digitally-connected device, which is supposed to be his “Best Friend out of the Box.” Ron’s hilarious malfunctions, set against the backdrop of the social media age, launch them into an action-packed journey in which boy and robot come to terms with the wonderful messiness of true friendship.

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Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life (2016)


Title: Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life
Rating: PG
Directed by: Steve Carr
Written by: Chris Bowman, Hubbel Palmer and Kara Holden
Based on the books by: James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts
Starring: Griffin Gluck, Lauren Graham, Rob Riggle, Thomas Barbusca, Andy Daly, Adam Pally, Retta, Isabela Moner, Efren Ramirez, Alexa Nisenson, Jacob Hopkins, Luke Christopher Hardeman and Jessi Goei
Release Date: 10/7/2016
Running Time: 92 minutes

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MIDDLE SCHOOL: The Worst Years of My Life chronicles the trials and triumphs of Rafe Khatchadorian, as he uses his wits to battle bullies, hormones and the tyrannical, test-obsessed Principal Dwight.

Rafe has an epic imagination…and a slight problem with authority. Both collide when he transfers to an oppressive, rule-crazy middle school. Drowning in do’s and don’ts, Rafe and his scheming best friend Leo hatch a plan to break every rule in the school’s Code of Conduct. It’s Ferris Bueller meets Home Alone as their battle with Principal Dwight explodes into chaos both real and imagined. But Dwight displays his own fiendish creativity, striking back at the rulebreakers. Meanwhile, Rafe struggles to hide his misbehavior from Jeanne, the straight-A, overachieving girl of his dreams, and at home, his mother’s boyfriend — a moochy, jack-of-no-trades named Bear — threatens to become his stepfather.

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