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In the Aisles (2018)

Title: In the Aisles
Rating: NR
Directed by: Thomas Stuber
Written by: Clemens Meyer and Thomas Stuber
Starring: Franz Rogowski, Sandra Hüller, and Peter Kurth
Release Date: 6/14/2019
Running Time: 125 minutes

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When the reclusive Christian (Franz Rogowski) takes a job working the night shift at a big box store, his new manager, Bruno from the Beverage Department (Peter Kurth), teaches him the lay of the land and the delicacy it takes to operate a forklift. Christian becomes enamored by his charming but mysterious co-worker “Sweets Marion” (Sandra Huller), with whom he begins to share flirtatious break room coffees and conversations. But Marion has secrets of her own and when she suddenly goes on sick leave, Christian is tempted to fall into habits of his dark past. An affecting and bittersweet glimpse into the shared connections of a motley group of workers, IN THE AISLES quietly celebrates the beauty in the day-to-day and the collective pride we take in our jobs with dark humor and nuance.

Are There Any Extras During The Credits? No

Are There Any Extras After The Credits? No

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