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Backgammon (2015)?


Title: Backgammon
Rating: NR
Directed by: Francisco Orvañanos
Written by: Todd Niemi, Francisco Orvañanos and R.B. Russell
Starring: Brittany Allen, Noah Silver and Alex Beh
Release Date: 3/11/2016
Running Time: 89 minutes

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Part psychological sexual thriller and part classic mystery, Backgammon is about a young man, Lucian, who gets drawn into the web of two slightly older bohemians, with disastrous results. The story opens when Andrew invites Lucian and his girlfriend Elizabeth for a weekend getaway. Miranda (Andrew’s older sister) is at the mansion, however they didn’t expect her Baudelaire-obsessed boyfriend Gerald to show up as well.

Overwhelmed by Gerald’s antics and the constant irritating horseplay with Miranda, Andrew and Elizabeth split. Lucian, however, decides to stay, as a simmering, sexual tension develops between him and the flighty, flirtatious Miranda. When Gerald explodes after losing everything during an alcohol-fueled poker game with Lucian, Miranda finally gives him the boot. But as she and Lucian begin to dance around each other, their surroundings show threatening signs that Gerald may never have left.

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