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Really Liking BBC Sci-Fi Shows a Lot

Watching television these days is tough. You can keep up with tons of shows — thanks to the magic of DVRs, OnDemand programming and websites like Hulu — but there are no guarantees that quality programming will stay on the airwaves. The CW had a smash hit with “Smallville” but other similar concepts like “Arrow” may not fare as well, so what’s a nerd/geek/discerning sci-fi fan to do? You might have to look abroad. The British are producing some fantastic science fiction right now and there’s no reason you have to miss out on it.

Being Human

Don’t get confused! “Being Human” is a British sci-fi show that airs on BBC America. The network has also launched an American/Canadian version of the show, but we recommend the original material. A perfect counterpoint to the current mania for vampires and all things considered supernatural (thank you, “Twilight”) the show is about supernaturals who just want to be human. While other shows and movies feature annoying teens who thirst for immortality, the main characters of “Being Human” would rather download games or watch a football match at the pub.

So, tune in to see roommates George (the werewolf) and Mitchell (the vampire) as they try to put aside paranormal problems just to get through the daily challenges of being human. Oh, and don’t forget Annie— the ghost of a resident past who just won’t leave the apartment.

‘Doctor Who’

“Doctor Who” is a British television program produced by the BBC. The show depicts the adventures of a Time Lord— a time traveling, alien known as the Doctor. In 2005, however, after a decade and a half off the air, “Doctor Who” was rebooted with a vengeance. The introduction of the ninth Doctor, a marvelous Christopher Eccleston, provides a much needed charge for the show.

As the last of his race, the Doctor is lonely and in need of pathos. And yet, he travels throughout time and space, always there to lend a helping hand in the service of justice and rights. The show is alternately funny— and sad, romantic— and thrilling, witty— and also charming. In the words of late night television host Craig Ferguson: “It’s all about the triumph of intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism.”


“Torchwood” is a spin-off from the 2005 revival of the long-running science fiction program “Doctor Who”. This series is a little racier and more for an adult audience. The program shares several characters with “Doctor Who” but doesn’t try to imitate the format or tone. Focused on the stuff of “Torchwood,” independent agency that identifies, investigates and responds to anything extra-terrestrial.

This show is much more of an ensemble drama with elements of action, comedic relief and (of course) sexy twists. So far, four seasons of the series have been aired. The show isn’t currently in production, and no plans to resume production are imminent, but it isn’t canceled— so eventually there might be even more to enjoy.

Guest article by: Tony Valley

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