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Between Me and My Mind (2019)?

Title: Between Me and My Mind
Rating: NR
Directed by: Steven Cantor
Starring: Trey Anastasio
Release Date: 4/27/2019
Running Time: 100 minutes

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A few minutes into this intimate look at the creative process of founding Phish guitarist and vocalist Trey Anastasio, it is clear that he is exploding with his unique brand of songwriting and creativity. As the frontman of one of America’s longest lasting and most successful touring bands and a solo musician as well, Anastasio’s virtuosic musicianship has made him an icon, beloved by his die-hard fanbase for the depth of his artistic output and the boundless enthusiasm that he exudes on stage and off.

Are There Any Extras During The Credits? Unknown

Are There Any Extras After The Credits? Unknown

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