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Master (2016)*

Title: Master
Rating: NR
Directed by: Ui-seok Jo
Starring: Dong-won Gang, Woo-bin Kim and Byung-hun Lee
Release Date: 1/6/2017
Running Time: 143 minutes

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JIN Hyun-pil (LEE Byung-hun) runs ‘One Network Inc.’, a company with an extensive network covering Korea. The chief of the Intellectual Crime Investigation team, KIM Jae-myung (GANG Dong-won), suspects One Network’s involvement in a fraud case of unprecedented scale. Kim tracks down the company’s IT architect and brain, PARK Jang-gun (KIM Woo-bin), and attempts to persuade Park to hand over Jin’s secret ledger in exchange for a plea bargain. Feeling the police close in on him, Jin moves operations out of Korea. Kim nonetheless continues his investigation into Jin. 6 months later, news about Jin’s death stirs the country once again.

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Cold Eyes (2013)


TITLE: Cold Eyes (aka. Gam-si-ja-deul)

RELEASE DATE: 7/3/2013


A high-tech police surveillance team attempts to take down a gang of ruthless bank robbers.

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