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LAMB Chicago Meetup!

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of meeting up with some fellow movie lovers, bloggers, vlogers and podcasters.  We are all members of The LAMB (The Large Ass. of Movie Blogs) which is a fantastic site and a great resource if you are looking for a TON of film related items.

I was only able to participate for a few of the festivities due to one of my dogs having knee surgery the day before the meetups began.  I hung out with them on Saturday morning which consisted of watching a bunch of rain spoiling our Taste of Chicago plans.  This led to us taking the Chicago Film Tour in which we took a bus around the city seeing various locations in famous movies and some television shows.

On Sunday we met up at Alcohollywood studios to participate in a few podcasts/videocasts.  We played some games and we all made some new friends.  Here are the participants and links to their podcasts and videocast.  Hopefully I can meet up with them again and talk some more film with this great bunch!


Podcast/Videocast Links:

Definitely check these guys out, they have fantastic websites and podcasts!  You won’t be disappointed!!!

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